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Bend It Like Meopham


Thursday night for any student might often consist of rushing your homework for Thursday and then catching up on your favourite show on Netflix. Not for Courtney, 13, from Gravesend. On Thursday 11th May the Meopham School student was off to Birmingham to compete in the Playstation National Final Schools Cup 2017.

Courtney is a Year 8 student at Meopham School and a known “football star” by the Sport department. It was the school who recommended she try out for the Playstation National Final Schools Cup 2017 and her P.E teacher, Miss Miles, who helped her to get there.

A keen footballer from the age of 5, Courtney currently plays for the Gillingham under 14s and also represents the county in the Kent County under 14s team. When Miss Miles suggested that she enter the national competition, organised by the English Schools Football Association, Courtney couldn’t wait.

The finals were held at Birmingham’s St Andrew’s Park and Courtney proudly came back to school the next day with her medal in hand. It’s easy to tell she loves football; whenever anyone asks her about it she lights up and smiles. When asked, she said, “The thing I love about football is that you get to meet new people and build friendships. You get to work on your social skills and leaderships while doing something you really love.”

Courtney aspires to play for the English Women’s team. Her position of left mid is only the beginning. It’s a dream that began when she saw her brother playing football and decided to give it a try herself. From then on, Courtney has been in love with the sport. She’s got a plan for her future clear in her head:

“The first step was playing for my county, then I can try out for England Schools and from there, I can eventually go to England trials.”