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Operation Brakes


Meopham School have been working alongside Kent Specials with ‘Operation Brakes’ over the last few weeks. The programme is a Road Safety and Speed Awareness campaign. The pupils have been outside the front of the school on Wrotham Road, with Kent Specials, operating the hand held speed guns.

With students at the helm, the officers would then stop any vehicle caught speeding and they were given the option of either receiving the points on their license and a fine, or be questioned by pupils. These questions were created by the pupils as the officers wanted as much input from the pupils as possible. So far we have had two successful ‘Operation Brakes’, with 51 people pulled over speeding the first time and then 49 the second time.

One of the questions from a year 8 pupil was, “How would you have felt if you had killed me due to your speeding?”

A speeding motorist stopped on Operation Brakes said, “I’m devastated, I would never be able to live with myself if I had killed you”.  There were even tears from some of the speeding motorists as the pupils’ questions really brought the message home about the risks of speeding.

The aim of Operation Brakes is to have an impact on the community here in Meopham, and to slow motorists down. Miss Miles, one of the teachers running the project, said, “Already, it is the talk of the school and the community and we have already noticed a decrease in speeding motorists outside our school.” The aim of the scheme is to also make the pupils at Meopham more speed aware, ready for when they start to drive, and to encourage their parents/carers to also slow down when driving.

With two successful days of Operation Brakes already, Meopham School and the Kent Specials are looking forward to the future of Operation Brakes and the positive impact it will have on the community. The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed themselves so far and those that haven’t yet been able to take part are eager to get involved. Check out Meopham School on Twitter or Facebook for plenty of photos from the day!