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Year 9 Army Day


British Army Put Students Through Their Paces

The purpose of the day was to develop student’s resilience, team building and leadership skills as well as inform them about careers in the Army.

The day began in the hall. Students were met by a team of 8 soldiers who are currently serving in the British Army. Redgrave and Brunel students promptly went out onto the field and began their physical activities which included a gun run, camouflage techniques and several problem solving activities. For this students were split into small groups. Each team had a time limit to complete the activity before moving to the next.

While Redgrave and Brunel were on the field, Holmes and Newton stayed in the hall for the careers presentation. This was informative and focused not only on the skills needed for the army but on general employment and life skills. Students had time to ask questions and discuss what they had seen and heard.

After break the groups swapped and it was Holmes and Newton’s turn to compete the physical activities while Redgrave and Brunel took part in the careers presentation. Students had an excellent time and came back to lessons in the afternoon covered in camouflage, still buzzing from this unique experience.