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Feeding The Community


With the summer holidays fast approaching, local food banks are heading in to a busy period as students who would otherwise be fed at school must now be fed at home. This was the inspiration for Meopham School’s latest charity event.

After the success of the school’s Book Drive, which managed to collect 2,000 books for Demelza Children’s Hospice, the school decided their next collection should be for Gravesham Food Bank.

Gravesham Food Bank was more than happy to receive the donation, asking specifically for donations of long life milk and tinned meat ahead of the busy season.

The school and the local community brought in donations for a week and a half. One student in Year 7 brought in the equivalent of a family’s weekly shop! The box in the school’s reception was endlessly overflowing with donations which were then collected by Gravesham Food Bank at the start of July.

Jill Kettle, of Gravesham Food Bank, said, “Thank you again for all the food that was collected at your school.  We weighed it in at over 200kg!  This was brilliant.” The food barely fit in the vehicles that the Food Bank brought to the school in order to collect it!

The majority of the collecting and promotion for the event was done by the Learn To Lead ‘Just Raise It’ Team. The students in Year 8 went around the school with leaflets and posters, promoting the Food Bank to tutor groups. They also kept track of student donators and organised the food stores.

Meopham School commented, “We’re so proud of our school community. The generosity of the parents and carers has been overwhelming.”

At the end of the day though, this event was organised to help vulnerable families this summer. Kettle’s final words to the school were, “Please thank everyone involved, it will help to feed a number of families.”

It has been suggested by the Senior Leadership of the school that this will become a regular event at the school. The success of this event and the real impact it will have upon the local community has opened the eyes of students and staff alike. Meopham School would like to personally thank everyone who helped to make this event a success.