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18th of July come along and experience the Movie Music Magic by Meopham school students. The show is a collection of Music from the Movies and features performances by BTEC Music students! Tickets are £1 and are available at Pastoral - If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


Juliet Marshall



Hey Guys,

‘Night of the Acoustics’ is live at Meopham School on the 21st of June!

It’s a series of students singing all the latest songs that drive you into your grooving boots, so come along down and join in with the fun.

From the ‘noughties’ to ‘sixteens’ all the latest hits played for you as a special treat!

See you there!

Sophie Benfold

For more information, follow the hashtag.




Music Loving Dudes & Dudettes!

Check out our show ‘The 4J’s! It’s a live music show being run by myself (Joe Sims) and other BTEC Music students! The show takes place on Tuesday 21st June 2016 and starts at 16.30. It’s a mixture of different styles so if you like a bit of Queen, Pharell Williams, The Weeknd and other awesome musicians then make sure you get down to our show on the date. Tickets are free so you really have no excuse at all!

For more information email [email protected] or tweet me @JosefSims

See you there!

Joe Sims



Hi Guys

The 4J’s is live at Meopham School on the 21st June 2016!

Come on down for a night filled with absolutely banging tunes from modern classics to awesome oldies. Songs will be performed by the Year 10 BTEC Music Students as well as some special guests making an appearance. Tickets are free and are available from the school reception.

If you like to boogie then we have the goodies!

Want more info? Hit me up at [email protected]


Josh Eede



What’s up guys Harry Thomas here!

Meopham School are hosting ‘Night Of The Acoustic’ which will be the event of the year. Come on down and dance away in the soiree moonlight and be uplifted by the enchanting acoustic tunes that will drift you away in to the soulful sunset of memory lane with tunes from the across the era featuring the spectacular BTEC music students it will be a night to remember

Want info on the event get in touch with me at [email protected]

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