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Cashless School Meal Service

We currently use a cashless system in our dining room for our school meal service and would appreciate your support. The system provides a more efficient, faster and higher quality of service. The system uses card technology and will eliminate the need to carry cash within the school. The system scans a card at the till and debits the relevant account. Monies are credited to the accounts before purchases can be made.

There are different options available to a credit account, cash payment or by cheque at a till point.

We would encourage cheque payments as they are more secure and will guarantee monies are being used for School Meals rather than being misused. Cheques are made payable to Meopham School.

We are confident the system will offer greater security and speed of service. This has been the experience of other schools which have been using the system for many years.


Our Approach

‘At Meopham School our enthusiasm for creating exceptional food extends well beyond our Academy environment. To us, a love for developing unique and appetising dishes has become a way of life.'

The quality of our service has been sustained by adhering to our ‘fresh thinking’ formula.

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Local produce
  • Fairtrade produce
  • Healthy Lifestyle choices
  • High Street Brands
  • Bio-degradable packaging


All contributing to a quality fresh and whole food offer served to meet your highest expectations.