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Overview of the Subject

Through studying Business Studies, students will gain a greater understanding of how businesses operate in the wider world. Whilst studying the subject, students will learn about all the different departments including Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations departments, in addition to learning about making strategic decisions. The subject also prepares students for the future by including vital everyday concepts such as interest rates, exchange rates, budgeting and general financial management.



GCSE Business Studies has been designed to follow a scheme of work which provides students with a basic understanding of how a small business operates in the current economic climate. Students will learn the following topic areas:


  1. Spotting a Business Opportunity
  2. Showing Enterprise
  3. Putting a Business Idea into Practice
  4. Making the Start-up Effective
  5. Understanding the Economic Context
  6. Marketing
  7. Meeting Customer Needs
  8. Effective Financial Management
  9. Effective People Management
  10. The Wider World


Exam board: Edexcel



Business Studies is a KS5 option which is available to all students. However, it is best suited to students whose strengths lie in GCSE Business Studies and/or Maths and English. Students will develop a range of Practical, Presentational, Personal, Interpersonal and Cognitive skills which will prepare students for further education or future employment.


Topics covered during the course include:

Unit 1: The Business Environment

Unit 2: Business Resources

Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing

Unit 4: Business Communication

Unit 18: Managing a Business Event

Unit 36: Starting a Small Business


Exam Board: Edexcel


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