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Design Technology

Aims of Meopham Design Technology Department

At Meopham will encourage pupils to learn independently and learn to problem solved. There is no better way to do this that through the physical world that Design Technology presents as a subject. Design Technology is studied in Year 7 and 8, although 50% of pupils time is shared with Food Technology, pupils study a variety of materials, topics and create a variety of practical outcomes. This gives them the basic foundation in Design Technology to choose it as an option in Year 9. They are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and apply these skills to other areas of their learning.


Year 7

Pupils will complete at least two major projects and cover a variety of material theory. They will work predominately with wood and plastic. Projects vary year to year but have included; a wooden Maze Game for English Heritage, a novelty photo frame using Great Britain as inspiration and a Steady Hand Game using historical British events as the inspiration. They will complete one large homework a term, normally based around a making project at home or a recycling challenge.


Year 8

Pupils will complete at least two major projects and cover a variety of material theory in greater depth. They will work with wood, plastic, premade components and electronics. There is a stronger emphasise in Year 8 on designing for a particular client or user and how a specification is correctly put together in light of this. Past projects have included; angle poise LED desk lamp with CAD sections, a 3D clock with CAD sections and a small storage box made from recycled and second life materials.

KS3 Curriculum Overview


The current specification studied by pupils in Year 10 and 11 is AQA Resistant Materials.

More information can be found on the AQA website.