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Health and Social Care

Overview of the Subject

This course provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge, understanding and skills about the Health and Social Care Sectors. It will enable them to examine the role of the worker in this sector and their relationships with and their responsibilities for patients/service users. Students will study communication, the care values base, care needs, legislation about care, the anatomy and physiology of the body, the development of life stages and creative/therapeutic activities for service users/patients.



Exam board - Edexcel

The units which you will study are-Unit 1- Human Lifespan Development.(exam), Unit 2- Health and Social Care Values, Unit 3- EffectiveCommunication in Health and Social Care.(coursework), Unit-5-Promoting Health and Social Care



Exam board - EdexcelPearson

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

  • 360 GLH
  • Equivalent in size to one A Level
  • 4 units of which 3 are mandatory and 2 are external
  • Mandatory content (83%)
  • External assessment (58%)


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