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Overview of the Subject

The modern world is ever changing and it is becoming increasingly essential that all students develop a good understanding of how to use IT on a daily basis. For the majority of subjects, students are required to use their IT skills in all aspects of the Microsoft suite during lessons and different forms of assessment. As students progress through school and sixth form, the necessity to develop these skills becomes even more obvious as expectations from staff become greater.

In today’s society, employers look to delegate work to their employees in order to improve the efficiency of the business and create a sense of professionalism. In light of this, students at Meopham are expected to analyse, design, problem solve and develop computational thinking skills. Also students need to be aware of E-safety issues and how they can protect themselves.

Our Aims

  • Develop and maintain students’ interest in using Computing.
  • Students to develop competence in a range of Computing and ICT skills.
  • Students develop independent learning and confidence through the use of Computing/ICT tools.
  • To be able to select and present information effectively.
  • To develop transferable skills that can be applied to problem solving.



At KS3 students learn to use technology instinctively and creatively. Students use computer system to solve real-world problems, including issues such as identification of business needs. Students will study a number of distinct modules covering variety of topics which will develop their technical understanding of ICT.

Throughout KS3, students will develop practical ICT and computing skills as well as team-work, communication, problem solving, presentation skills and the ability to reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others. Below are subjects offered at KS3:


Components of a computer system*


Database (flat file)


Programming with Scratch

Trends in Computing



Relational Database


Programming with Scratch

QR Codes



Relational Database


Programming with Python (Basics)#

KS3 Curriculum Overview


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