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Curriculum Enrichment Days

At Meopham School we are committed to providing all students with a rich and broad curriculum.  We believe that it is crucial to provide students with clear opportunities for deep learning within, across, and outside of the traditional academic subjects. To achieve this we offer a series of calendared enrichment days (or “Drop Down Days”, as we prefer to call them). These Drop Down Days facilitate more extended learning opportunities and experiences than would normally be possible within our traditional lesson timetable. 

Character Days

The vision behind our Character Days is for all students to have an opportunity to explore themselves, their character traits, personal strengths and to explore their interests.  The four character strands within our Excellence Through Character curriculum become the focus of the day. Students have time to reflect, to grapple, to explore and lead. Character days are an opportunity to further practise the skills needed to prepare for their future whilst developing an understanding of active citizenship. Lessons are thought provoking, they include discussion and debate, whilst allowing students to ask questions and form authentic opinions. Although we seek to provide opportunities for this to happen within all of our schemes of work, our specially designated Character Days enable this to be at the forefront of learning and allow for meaningful development of our student's individuality and sense of self.


SALAD stands for “Speaking and Listening Active Development”. 

We believe that every subject has a responsibility to promote core skills relating to literacy. We also place a strong emphasis on the development of oracy and debating skills.  This is a key focus during our SALAD Days. Whilst we do much on an everyday basis, particularly within the English curriculum, we use these dedicated days to focus solely on transferable skills across the curriculum.  The days are structured to provide opportunities to support students to improve their oracy within a group, as a pair, and on an individual basis. In both our SALAD Days and oracy lessons we encourage student development in four key strands of oracy:

  • Physical;
  • Linguistic;
  • Cognitive;
  • Social and emotional.

All lessons on these days, regardless of subject content, have a speaking and listening focus, and students are encouraged to develop their oracy skills in a variety of ways.

Numeracy Days

We also believe it is fundamental for all students to demonstrate good numeracy skills. Whilst we know that this is taught effectively within the mathematics curriculum, we also believe that all teachers have a responsibility to deliver basic numerical skills. The whole school Numeracy Drop Down Days therefore are a fantastic opportunity for students to focus on these skills across the curriculum. Much like the SALAD Days, students focus on numeracy across the curriculum, and identify and develop transferable skills which are fundamental to their future.

Drop Everything For Careers Days

Careers education is embedded in all areas of the school. Students are regularly encouraged to discuss the potential pathways for their future. During the dedicated Careers Days activities are planned to allow students to develop an array of skills such as listening, communicating, problem solving, working under pressure, demonstrating resilience and reciprocity. Each student will also learn about the interview process and may participate in mock interviews. Students will have the opportunity to learn about careers linked to their chosen subjects, and experience what it would be like to have a career in a particular industry. Teachers will assist students to explore the skills and qualifications required for each profession and the opportunities for progression in the future.

Careers Exhibition:

This year Meopham School will be hosting our first Careers Exhibition on 25 June 2020. We will be welcoming over 30 different employers, Universities, colleges and training providers to provide opportunities for students to both find out more about their options, and to have a personal conversation about their future prospects. All students in the school will benefit from this exciting event.

If you would like to contribute to the success of this event, please email

Bucket Days

In Year 11 students are preparing for their examinations, completing coursework assignments and studying their chosen range of subjects in more depth. Students therefore benefit from having an extended amount of time with their specialist teachers in their Option subjects. Therefore we give Year 11 two Drop-Down days each year, for each of these subjects. This means they get two full days in each subject, completing coursework, delving into greater content and refining revision techniques. These Bucket Days immediately follow the mock examinations in November and March.

Wellbeing Days

At Meopham School we understand that Year 11 students, especially, feel the pressures of their imminent examinations, and we are mindful that success comes from supporting the whole person.  While our academic curriculum supports their learning and exam preparation we also ensure that our character curriculum supports the students' mental and physical well-being. Following the intensity of mock examinations and Bucket Days we organise Well-Being Drop Down days for all Year 11 students. Students choose from a wide range of activities including sports, arts, technologies and relaxing team activities. Cooking, football, yoga, sculpture and board games are just a few examples of some of the most popular activities on offer.