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What happens on results day?

Usually on results day, if you are an internal student, you will have a one-to-one meeting with a member of staff when you come into school to collect your results.  In this meeting we will discuss your grades and confirm your pre-selected course selection or look at other course options for you.  

However,  to the current situation with coronavirus, and the necessity to adhere to strict social distancing, there will be no physical results day in school this year.   We will arrange for your results to be sent to you, and your interview will be conducted via the telephone.  We will provide you with further details of the final arrangements as soon as we can.  

External students, once you have received your results from your school please email them to us so we can confirm your pre selected course selection or look at other course options for you.



What time does school start and finish?

You are required to be on school site by 8.30am Monday to Friday so that you have time to electronically sign in and get to your first lesson or study period by 8.40am.

The last timetables lesson of the day ends at 3.05pm, however unlike some other schools we offer a range of after school clubs and interventions which you can attend.


Do I need to be in school during my study periods?

Yes, these study periods are important and should be used effectively.  Your teachers can book interventions with you during your study periods if you need a little extra help. 


Will I get a locker?

You will be provided with storage space within one of the Sixth Form Learning rooms where you can store your books and folders.


How many lessons will I have for each subject?

You will have 6 lessons for each subject you study per week with exception to the following courses; Core Maths, EPQ and The Meopham Baccalaureate of Education.

Core Maths is an AS level (half an A Level), you will have 3 lessons a week for the subject on your time table.

You will have 1 lessson per week for both the EPQ course and the Meopham Meopham Baccalaureate of Education.


What do I need to wear?

Sixth Form is a stepping stone for students on their way to entering their chosen profession, as such we require students to wear smart professional attire as they would do in the work place. 

Meopham Sixth Form students take great pride in their appearance and understand they are the role models to our younger students.  Our Sixth Form students are often involved with meeting and networking with representatives from local and national business and represent the Meopham School to the best of their abilities.

We understand that the way you dress is a way of expressing yourself and here at Meopham we celebrate individuality.  If you have any further questions about the clothing you wish to wear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will receive and induction pack, student and parent contract and our uniform policy  in the post before the end of July 2020.


As a student from another school, where do I go on my first day?

If you are a student who is joining us from another school, please go to the main reception on your first day so we can sign you in.  A Year 13 student will come and collect you and escort you to the Sixth Form Learning rooms where you will meet your peers.


Am I allowed offiste at lunch time?

As a Sixth Form student, you are allowed offsite at lunch time as long as you electronically sign in and out at the main office.  This is a privilege offered to all Sixth Form students, however it can be revoked for poor attendance, punctuality or behaviour. 


How do I get a bus pass?

To purchase a bus pass you need to go through the bus provider who runs the service you require, such as; Arriva or Redroute.


What happens if I can't afford a bus pass?

If you are encountering finanical hardship and are unable to pay for the entirety of your bus pass from the provider, please do contact us to see how we can help you.


Can anyone apply for the Post 16 Bursary?

The bursary is designed to help those who require financial support for school items such as, books, art resources or clothing.  You can apply by completing the Bursary Form, which can be found on the page titled 'Post 16 Bursary'.

What happens if the book I need is out of stock or  it doesn't arrive in time for my first day?

Not to worry, this sometimes happens from time to time.  We suggest you speak to your teacher directly, as they may be able to provide you with a copy until your book arrives.


Will I go on school trips?

Yes, we believe enrichment is a key element of our Sixth Form Curriculum here at Meopham Sixth Form.  You will be invited to attend off site school visits by your course leaders, which will be specific to the content you are learning or designed to provide you careers guidance for that industry sector.  Furthermore, as a year group you will also be invited to attend trips, such as The UK University and EMirates Apprenticeship Search Fair held ad the to the Emirates Stadium in North London and reward trips to Winter Wonderland and Thorpe Park for example.


When will the New York Trip take place?

We usually run this trip in April over the Easter period, the next trip is planned for 2021.


Can I change courses?

We understand that picking the courses to study at Sixth Form, which can have an impact upon your career path, can be a big and challenging decision.   For this reason we do allow students to transfer to another course, if the course you wish to start is not already full.


What is the trial period all about?

We place all new Year 12 students on a 6 week trial period for each of their courses, this is to the course is right for you and that you will cope with the work being set.

During week 3 and week 6 of the trial period you will be assessed, if you receive a;

green rating you will secure your place on the course 

amber rating your trial period may be extended

red rating your placement he course is not secure, your parents and yourself will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss other course options. 


Do we still have advisory in Sixth Form?

Yes, advisory lessons are held everyday for Sixth Form students with their Form Tutors.  Advisory time is spent in a number of ways, such as reviewing current affairs, providing careers guidance, learning about mental health or taking part in exercise and activity, for example badminton. 


Will I get a lanyard with my name on it?

All Sixth Form students will be provided with a lanyard that has your name and picture on it, this is so staff and students alike can recognise you.  Your lanyard is to be worn at all times around the school.


How do I pay for school lunches?

Meopham is a cashless school.  On your first day, if you do not already have a finger print registered on our canteen machines you will be given the opportunity to do so. Your finger print links to an account in which you can top up with money to pay for school lunches, snacks and drinks.


Can I wear Jewellery in Sixth Form?

You may wear jewellery in Sixth Form, however we do not accept liability for any personal belongings you bring into school.


Can I bring my own laptop in to school to use in lessons?

You are permitted to bring in your own laptops or tablets to use in lessons to take notes.  We have our own student network which you can gain link with so you can gain access to the internet.  Please note we do not accept liability for any personal belongings you bring into school.


Is there a fridge in Sixth Form to keep my lunch cold?

We do have a fridge-freezer in Sixth Form which you can use to keep your food cold. 


Is there a kettle we can use?

There is a kettle in Sixth Form, along with tea and coffee for you.  Many students do however bring in their own beverages to consume, such as hot chocolate powered or fruit tea bags.  Usually students share the buying of milk with their peers.