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High Prior Attainers

At Meopham School, all staff, both teaching and support staff, have a responsibility to provide all students with a sufficiently challenging curriculum, along with opportunities to nurture any exceptional talents and abilities they may have.  All students have an entitlement to:

  • staff commitment to develop their potential to the full at all times
  • stimulating and interesting lessons which inform, challenge and develop thinking skills
  • personal and social education which prepares them for adult life and the world of work.



High Prior Attainers (HPA) are those students who have an average KS2 score above level 4 (30 points or more)



Meopham School will endeavour to obtain as much information about individual students as possible.  The methods used are as follows:

  • information from primary schools including KS2 teacher assessments and KS2 SATS
  • teacher observation and recommendation
  • information from parent/guardians, peers and students themselves
  • information from the school’s data manager for students who move into a year group during an academic year.



The provision should aim to include the following:

  • all schemes of work planned by heads of departments will include specific materials and ideas which differentiate, enrich and extend tasks to ensure that the curriculum is sufficiently challenging
  • all staff will be aware of their role in the identification of more able and talented students based on subject specific criteria
  • in-service training will be provided
  • opportunities for more able and talented students to work together both in and out of school
  • close links between home and school and external agencies where appropriate
  • the creation of a register of High Prior Attainers which will be distributed to all departments
  • the availability of a learning leader (Ms S Iles)  who will offer encouragement, support and guidance.