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Young Carers

Young carers are, regardless of their cultural, social, ethnic and religious background, under 18, looking after, or helping to look after, a family member suffering from a long term illness, disability or a dependency on substances. They may undertake a range of caring tasks and assume physical and emotional responsibilities normally carried out by an adult.

In an ideal world, no parent would need to rely upon support from a child that would place an undue burden upon them. At Meopham School we acknowledge the many challenges young carers may face in their everyday lives and aim to support them in achieving their full potential. We also recognise the sense of pride young carers may have in respect of their caring role and the strengths and skills they may developed as the result of being a young carers.

At Meopham School, young carers and potential young carers will be given the opportunity to learn, develop and thrive.

If you need any further support or information regarding a young carer, please contact Mrs S Williams on 01474 814646 or visit the Kent Young Carers website: